Our mission is to change people’s lives in a positive and lasting way by creating deeper human connections.

Our Manifesto:

We believe that beauty, love & sharing,
Combined with elevated, mind-blowing experiences….
Is needed now more than ever.

We believe that the world needs new spaces, places, homes and temples,
Where like minded souls can connect and grow,
And dance until 4am.

Our mission is to create an extraordinary world,
Where strangers become best friends,
And friends become family.

A world where the only luxury we need,
Is the kind that feeds our souls and expands our minds,
Over a candle-lit dinner with friends.

We live to inspire more authentic moments,
Rather than sharing photos on Instagram,
And in making lifelong friends Instead of collecting followers and Likes.

We believe that there’s more to life than working, sleeping, eating, repeating,

Because life can be taken away from us in an instant,
And because we never know when we’ll see our last sunset.

Most of all, we believe giving is more rewarding than receiving,
Because the more we give, the more we can change the world.